By  Ali A. EL-Amin


A Muur is a Moor is a Mor.By the etmology of the word Muur what does it mean?Mu Le Murie was the land and we "moors" are the indigenous people of the land.There is no government or society that predates ours.We are the first.We populated this entire planet and through us came all that is.This is not hate but on the contrary it is supreme love.We as indigenous peoples of Moorish descent have been robbed of our knowledge of self,who and what we are to the Earth and all of its inhabitants.We are the parents,we are the progenitors,blood relations to all of the aboriginal.Simple science bears witness to the fact that all life begins in total triple darkness.To the so called Black,Red,Brown and Yellow...Man,we are blood, we are one.Through the use of artful words 99% of the worlds population is in bondage and the shocking part is...." they know not". At the conclusion of the instructions on "HOW TO MAKE A NEGRO",its author stated that,"once the slave masters the language all of our secrets will be revealed and they (slaves) would no longer exist on the level of a slave."To give an example of this knowledge and how it can be useful I offer the following text from lostfeather.com 

American: The term "American" according to U.S. history was supposedly taken from the Italian navigator, Amerigo Vespucci. The truth is that the term, "America" is a two part word (Amer) taken from the French word, "Moor" which were the inhabitants of West Africa (Morocco, Mali). These Africans were also referred to as, "Muur, Mor" and "Morenos" in Spain to mean, "Black." The term, "Moor" is the root word of the Latin term, "Amor" which means, "Beloved" and was the term used in reference to the Moroccan kings who sailed via Spain and became religious leaders of the Vatican. The original Vatican priesthood was African! (Catholic = Cat Holistic  or "Holy Cat" of Egypt symbolized by the Sphinx.) The Moroccan priesthood  oversaw the Papal government. The term, "Rica" derived from the Middle English word "Ric" to mean "Power realm." Power was determined by bloodline and by wealth, thus the term, "Rich" or "Reich," and referred to the wealthy Moroccans that was depicted in the films, "Casablanca" and "The King and I". The term "American" literally refers to the early inhabitants of this land who wore gold in their noses.

Indian: The term "Indian" was first coined by Christopher Columbus during his first journey in 1492. Columbus was under the impression that when he arrived in the Bahamas, he was in the East Indies. When Columbus encountered Arawaks, he referred to them as "Indians" because their skin color and hair texture was similar to that of Hindu people of Asia. The term, "Indian" only applies to inhabitants of the country India, not the Indigenous people of America. Today, the term "Indian" is officially used as a term of determination by the United States Federal Government. However, there is really no clear and concise definition for the term when it deals with classification and tribal eligibility. For the sake of arguement, the term will appear in various parts of this website.

Native American: The term "Native" is from the Middle English word "natif" which means,
"belonging to a particular place by birth." It is a misconception that the term, "Native American" refers to the so-called, American Indian. The truth is that anyone born in America is a Native American, but not necessarily an American Indian.

Indigenous: The term "Indigenous" means "Native" coming from the Latin word "Indigena." The difference between "Indigenous" and "Native" is that Native refers to residence while Indigenous refers directly to ethnicity. Within the word "Indigenous" is the word "Gene" which means to "give birth" or "free born."

American Citizen: The term "American Citizen" refers to person or inhabitant of a city or town who is entitled to the rights and privileges of a free man. American Citizens must be "entitled" or granted the various rights of the nation but not necessarily the same rights as an indigenous or native. These people must become "members" of the United States and in most cases withdraw their "membership" with their birth nation.

Illegal Alien: The term "Illegal Alien" refers to the persons of another country who is not "naturalized" or granted citizenship while living in America. Europeans are true Illegal Aliens! The Europeans migrated to America and proclaimed themselves as "Americans" and did not go through the legal government process of naturalization. They simply "took" their citizenship by force.

Now we ask who and what are the Moors? Lets take another look at lostfeather.com

These Moors were the people who built the great pyramids all over South America, Peru, Canada, Alaska, and Georgia that scattered all throughout North America along the Mississippi River and it's tributaries are found mounds built out of tons and tons of earth. The people who built them were called the Mound Builders and they were the descendants of the Malian Moor Olmecs. These Moors eventually migrated to North America from Mexico and became known as Washitaw, Yamasee and the Ben-Isma-EL tribe. The Ben-Isma-EL tribe was a collection of what is now known as Lenape, Wapanoag and Nanticoke Indians who migrated to Indiana and Illinois and referred to themselves as "Moors" even though the United States Government continued to classify them as "Negroes" in order to strip them of their Indigenous rights.It is often not talked about, but the Moors had enslaved the Europeans before they enslaved blacks. Their women were sold like commodities into the harems and as concubines of wealthy Moors. This is the reason why the Moorish noble were for the most part bleached out, and became known as "tawny-moors", Turks and Arabs, which are no more than "fixed mulatto races". This also is the reason for the Moors in the coats of arms of noble Europeans family.The so-called "Black Nobility" of Europe, and the Bilderberger group. The European nations paid tribute to the Moors well into the 18th century. In the book, "United States and Barbary Powers" the English, French, Dutch, Danes, and Swedes, and I may say all nations are tributary to them." David Macritchie in the book "Ancient and Modern Britons" says that the word "Blackmail" is the result of this tribute paid to the "Black Army", or "Black Oppressors" as the English referred to them.  The Moors had control of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This is why the Marines sing of defeating the Moors " From the halls of Montezuma (Mexico) to the shores of Tripoli", confirming in song the extent of the Moorish empire or dominions of Amexem, or Atlantis. Below is the first page of the Moroccan Treaty of 1787. It should also be noted that Shakespeare's most famous Moor, Othello, is also described as a Black African. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin worked closely with the Moors in the Continental Congress to secure this treaty. In the Bevans collection there are over 200 letters to the Bey of Morocco from the Continental Congress. There were many Moors in the Continental Congress working with the European Masons originally taught by Moors, to form a "Novus Ordo Seclorum" [ new secular order of the ages, "E Pluribus Unum" out of many peoples and nations, one]. The Moroccan Treaty is very powerful because according to the Constitution, treaties are the "Law of the Land". This treaty specifically deals with Moors. The question then may arise, " How do we know that where the treaty says Moors, that so-called "Black" people of that time is being referred to"? The Moors were considered citizens or part of  "We the People" who ratified the Constitution. It says; "thus an act was passed in Massachusetts on 6th of March, 1788, forbidding any Negro not a subject of the emperor of Morocco, or a citizen of the United States, from tarrying in the Commonwealth." This for one show that those who were referred to as "Negroes" were actually Moors and that they were on the same footing or status as "State Citizens". Those who remembered that they were Moors, used the Moroccan Treaty of 1787 to secure their rights on the same footing as the state citizens without otherwise being obligated members of their "Social Equality". While those who were brainwashed into believing they were "Negroes" descendants of Africans brought here by the Europeans were unprotected by the Moroccan Treaty, as well as the articles of Confederation and the Constitution. This document says" A petition was presented to the house from sundry free Moors, subjects of the emperor of Morocco; and residents in this state, praying that in case they should commit any fault amenable to be brought to justice, that they as subjects to a prince (here in North America) in alliance with the United States of America ( via the Moroccan Treaty of 1787 ), may be tried under the same laws as the citizens of this state would be liable to be tried, and not under the Negro Act, which was received and read." Thus you had Moors back in 1789 saying what we say now; our nationality is Moorish and not Negro, colored, black etc.."

We are Moors,we are obediant unto God (The Most High),seekers and lovers of peace,freedom,. justice and equality.Now I give you the words of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan as he gives us a better overstanding of "The Promised Land"(10/16/97 Holy Day of Atonement Message)

 "In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
The next century is the Century of Peace and it’s the Century of the Indigenous. You’re going to come back to your former glory in the next century, and the land that you will inhabit is already inhabited.
We are young, gifted and we are atoning. We didn’t say “atoned” because that’s the past participle of the verb “to atone,” which means it is an action that started in the past and is completed. But when we say, “atoning,” we are using the present progressive tense; it is an action that is started and is still continuing and will continue into the future until it has been completed.

To be young means to be fresh, new, not yet fully developed. Once you think you’re old, you stop developing; you get set in your ways; you refuse to change. But if you are young, gifted and atoning, you know you haven’t reached it (the goal) yet because when I reach it I will be one with God, sharing His mind, His will, His spirit, therefore, I will never have to lie, steal or cheat.

Jesus said, except you become as a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of God. The Children of Israel were promised the Promised Land, but there were giants on the land and the Children of Israel told God that they were not going into the land until He cleaned the giants out. God said, no, I want you to go in now and inhabit that land even though the giants are there; I want the giants to know that you are the new giants because I am with you. They said, even so, we are not going.

Now that’s old, isn’t it? Here is God telling you, old man, I’m going in with you. Here is The Eternal God; ever young, wanting to go in with old folk and the old folk do not want to get young in God. They say, no, we are not going. You go first, God, clean out those giants, and then we will go. God, then, said, I’m going to let you die out in the wilderness, and I’m going to take your children and they will inhabit the Promised Land.

The next century is the Century of Peace and it’s the Century of the Indigenous. You’re going to come back to your former glory in the next century, and the land that you will inhabit is already inhabited. People are here and you look at them as giants.

Jesus met a man and asked him, how do you see men? The man said, I see men walking as trees. Jesus then knew the man was sick. He rubbed a little spittle on his eyes and said, look at them again. How do you see them now? The man said, I see them as they are. Similarly, you see those in power in America as giants, but God wants to make you giants in the land where you were once sold as a slave and rejected and despised. But many of you are afraid of God’s command to go in and inhabit the Promised Land. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I’ve been to the mountaintop and I looked over and I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you but we, as a people, will get to The Promised Land.” The Promised Land, brothers and sisters, is the United States of America.

The Qur’an says that those (rulers) in government got excited, that Moses and Aaron were trying to turn them out of their land. No, you can stay, but only under God’s will. The Bible says that He takes the kingdom from whom He pleases and He gives it to whom He pleases. I don’t want White folks to get upset, but in order for you to remain, you will also have to bow down to God.

Let the atonement continue. God is angry, and the only way we can turn it aside is: “If My people which are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” "

To all that read this material please research for yourselves all that is here as well as The Birth Certificate Act,and the Social Security Act.Through ACTS such as these the world has been decieved,tricked out of its sovereignty and made property of slave holder corporations.PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH..SEEK KNOWLEDGE FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE...IF THERE IS ONE....FOR GODS PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.